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Multiculturalism Has Failed


Who else here believes Merkel was right?


I don't.

Multiculturalism works very well.

It promotes mediocrity, acculturation, bitterness, brainless hedonism, depression, addiction, etc.
In other words, it produces excellent consumers and excellent voters.

What else do you want ?


I think if you move to a country, you should learn the language of that country along with it's laws and customs. I think illegal immigration is a huge problem in all countries. I think it's a joke that I have to "press 2 for spanish" every time I make a phone call. FUCK THEM - learn English, muther fucker!

I think Muslims immigrating into countries spreading their filthy disease of a religion is one of the largest problems globally. It should be stopped and stamped out.


So Merkel was wrong?


Interesting. Would you define multiculturalism in Europe and the UK as a success?

Do you think it's superior to assimilation?



Any truth to the rumor that one can be arrested in England for criticizing Muslims? Is there a hate speech statute? Can someone from England please verify this?


Great post. When Usain Bolt ran a 9.58 100m dash, he failed to do a 25 foot long jump or 400 pound clean & jerk. Did he fail by setting the 100m dash world record?


This may be a brilliant post. How do you mean?

The way I interpret it, is that it highlights the vices you speak of in people, especially in the case where it is exposed as a result of critiquing multiculturalism which shows an US vs. THEM attitude which highlights indifference in their view towards other religions and even races.

Without multiculturalism what would we really have today? If we really want to get down to it, with multiculturalism as a word we define or not, it's still something that exists and plays a big role in what we are today as a race of humans.. As down the road, and likely across the road we are all related somehow.

Think about all the mixed race people out there. Another thing people seem to quickly forget is that even though Abrahamic religions are different, they all worship the same God. Now, there's multiculturalism for you.


In Britain you can say anything you like. With the following exceptions:

"threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour, incitement to racial hatred, incitement to religious hatred, incitement to terrorism including encouragement of terrorism and dissemination of terrorist publications, glorifying terrorism, collection or possession of a document or record containing information likely to be of use to a terrorist, treason including compassing or imagining the death of the monarch or advocating for the abolition of the monarchy, sedition, obscenity, indecency including corruption of public morals and outraging public decency, defamation, prior restraint, restrictions on court reporting including names of victims and evidence and prejudicing or interfering with court proceedings, prohibition of post-trial interviews with jurors, time, manner, and place restrictions, harassment, privileged communications, classified material, military conduct, and limitations on commercial speech such as advertising.


Huh? Can't be serious.


Oh really? And what the hell is incitement? Is criticism defined as incitement? This can't be accurate.


Food is the only positive outcome of multiculturalism I have seen.


Incitement is basically Islamophobia by proxy. It's where you say something naughty about Islam and make other people think bad thoughts.



I love me some Liddle.


Multiculturalism has failed everywhere its been tried. Disagree? Name an instance in any country it has succeeded. We even have the damn liberal Sarkozy saying this!:

"'If you come to France, you accept to melt into a single community, which is the national community," he continued. "And if you do not want to accept that, you cannot be welcome in France".



I'm not saying that multiculturalism is a good thing.
I'm saying that it's "working as intended".

Its results - and they are certainly bad - are (at best) the direct consequences of the ideology of its proponents.

Sarkozy can't help himself. His word betrays his ideology :
a "national community" is not a culture.
Actually, it's everything but a culture.

It's a legal construct, populated by individuals whose rights and duties are abstractly (or "rationally") defined.

The western world has worked very hard during the last two centuries to removee all traces of its own culture from its laws.
As a result, in our Constitution, you will find an abstract, philosophical definition of an "human being", a quite arbitrary but equally abstract definition of a "citizen", but strictly nothing about what "being french" means.

We renounced to collectively define this. Two centuries ago.
Now our entire system lies upon the premisse that culture is and should be politically and legally irrelevant.

Sarkozy's quote express his rejection of communitarianism. But this is certainly NOT a rejection of multiculturalism itself.
Quite the contrary actually.
He simply remind us that, in accordance with multiculturalist dogma, there should be nothing between an (accultured) individual and the State.


Diversity is great. If we dropped immigration levels recent economic reports claimed we would drop GDP, taxes would have to significantly rise etc. Immigrants are proven in official figures to take hundreds of millions from the state, however they pump in billions, so any complaining about them being a drain here is drivel.

In the UK immigrants are far less likely to live in a council house or claim benefits than white native British people. Immigrant entrepreneurs create huge economic benefits for natives. On top of that cultural imports like new arts, cuisine, new fashion, architecture, film, local markets and communities.

Multiculturalism is awesome and the few relatives I have who hate immigration are uneducated and angry at their shit unsuccessful lives. How dare those Pakistani people open a shop near us, obviously their hard work starting a flourishing business is taking away from his ability to be a success.