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Multi vitemin and meltdown workout


First meltdown workout today... hope to move again by tomarrow. Didnt throwup in gym, but feel sorry for the next guy in my parking spot... brutal.

Any suggestions for a multivitimin? Or are they all pretty much the same?

Thanks for all the help


They're not the same. I've had the same reaction you had with one brand, and another one gave me indigestion. Now I take TwinLab's DualTabs (over a year now). Quite satisfied with them. They have a delayed absorption effect, meaning that half the tab is absorbed later than the other half. If you take it AM/PM (as I do), you should get a continuous effect. I know other people here have different preferences.


Parrot gotta love the melt down.

As far as a multi vitamin thier are as many opinions on this as their are multi's on the market. Try a search on "multi vitamin" if you want to see a plethora of opinions.

In the long run you pretty much get what you pay for. So I would get what you can afford.

A few suggestions that seem to be agreed upon by all when in search of a multi are.

  • One that is Iron Free. You should be getting moe than enough from your diet.

  • A multi that you take more than once a day. Am/PM or similar. Your only going to absorb what you need @ any particular time, so it is better to take a couple small doses than one larger dose. I have even simply cut the multi's in half and taken it in @ 2 seperate times.

  • Many of the vitamins with a coating on them cant be absorbed because they use tars and such to lenghten the shelf life, which also inhibits digestion.

  • The last thing I can think of @ this early hour would be stay away from the Centrum Vitamins and most value brands. They have bad to no absorption. Some of the T-ppl in the madical field have brought in stories of vitamins showing up in xrays totally undigested hours after they were taken. Also the tales from plumbers and those who empty porta potties that say they pump out hand fulls of undigested Multi's.

So I would say the most important factor is to make sure you purchase one that can be digested. From their it depends on your cash flow and opinion.

Hope that helps.


i take platinum multivitamins - 1 in the am and 1 in the pm. they seem to work for me but since i have a fairly good diet, i'm hoping that they are just making up any deficiencies i might be lacking. i also take ZMA before heading to bed.

and if none of that works, i'm going to go back to the flinstones vitamins (betty is such a hottie).