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Multi-Vitamin Suggestions


What multi are you T-Nationers on??


AST MultiPro32x


Just switched to NOW ADAM - I like it so far.


Hi Potency Swiss "80", relatively cheap and has 80mg of all the B vitamins.
What is the potency of others multi?


Animal Pack is pretty damn good.


There have been several previous threads on this topic. For example: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=500362

Twinlab Daily Two or Daily One were mentioned by several people, including myself.

(without iron for men, with iron for women, of course)


"Best of Greens" powder and "Amino Max" (by KAL) chelated minerals pill


Standard Process catalyn




With the wide variety of multi's out there, look for the best for you, and always try to make sure that it is not synthetic crap (mega man, centrum, etc etc) Source of Life by Nature's Plus is a exceedingly good multi. Other than that, there's Life's Fortune, Animal Pak, Optimal Nutrition by Health Direct, and Total Man by Esteem. Hit me up with a PM if ya want more info.


What's wrong with mega man?