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Multi-Vitamin Still Required with Superfood?


I'm looking to keep costs reasonable with my supplements and I'm looking to try out Superfood as I try to get my fruits and vegetables, but I don't get anywhere near 10-12 servings a day.

So, given that I like the idea of a more 'natural' supplement like Superfood, but I don't know how many different vitamains and minerals it covers.

Given that I eat reasonably healthy, get good amounts of protein and eat a varied diet, would a multi-vitamin still be encouraged/needed if I'm taking Superfood?

Basically I'd like to drop the multi-vitamin and replace it with Superfood, but if both are really helpful then I can skimp somewhere else in my diet plan.


yes a multi would still be mandatory. The purpose of Superfood is antioxidant priority. A multi contains a bunch of other vitamins you can't get from fruits and veggies such as vitamin D. Even then most multis don't have a significant amount of vitamin D in it to begin with which sucks.


Yeah I figured fruits + vegetables wouldn't cover everything but it was worth asking. Thank you for the information!


A good multi-v is like 10 cents a day. Take the thing.


Thanks as well, your comment got me looking and realizing that I was way overpaying. Will be ordering a much cheaper yet good multi-v.


sure no problem. idk what anyone else on this site thinks but i personally really like opti-men by optimum nutrition. also animal pak by universal nutrition is great for weightlifters if you can stomach them.


Thanks, that comment made me look and see I'm way overpaying on my multi. Found a much cheaper source for a good vitamin. Thank you again!


Try this for the best of both worlds


Since when has a multi-vitamin been mandatory in the first place?

I've used a few of the "recommended" higher quality versions and have never noticed a benefit. Plus, I've yet to meet anyone in real life who has been able to tell a difference either.

Besides, the whole shotgun approach to multis has never made sense to me. It makes more sense to pick the vitamins and minerals you want and take them as opposed to taking a multi because people tell you to.

Unless you can tell a difference, dump the multi and save your $ for supplements that make a difference.


i can tell you that opti-men to me makes a difference. In their blend they throw in a virility blend to enhance sexual performance and i notice a difference. true a multi isnt mandatory but it DOES help. Your telling me that it'd be cheaper to 'pick the vitamins and minerals you want' then to just take a multi? I alone supplement with a Bcomplex, D and E while they are relatively cheap, it isn't CHEAPER than a multi.


I supplement with a multi-vitamin. But if I had Superfood, I will probably stop taking the multi.

Anyway I downloaded this program called CRON-o-Meter and you put it what you eat. It will count the calories, protein, carbs as well as tell you what vitamins and minerals you are deficient in. I always get pretty high amounts of minerals and vitamins so I think I'm just wasting my money with the multi. I'll still take it until I finish the bottle though.

Although that Opti Men sounds pretty impressive to boost your libido. Where can one get it?


I'm glad they make a difference for you, but the extras like a "virility blend" are usually in so low of concentration that they are not efficacious. They are added for marketing to simply get people to buy the products.

As for cost, I never said anything about individual vitamins being cheaper. It completely depends on which individual vitamins and/or minerals you use. They are cheaper for me, however, since I've found that most don't make a difference and I make an effort to eat a varied diet to meet my vitamin and mineral needs.