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Multi-Vitamin Question


I read a couple of post saying most Multi-Vitamins suck because they don't get absorbed.Which ones do you guys take that don't suck?Animal Pack seems to be popular,but is there any others that get absorbed properly?


As we keep repeating over and over and over again, chewable children's vitamins, chewed with a meal, are probably the most absorbable vitamins out there.


I prefer the vitamins I get in the fruits, vegetables, and other foods I eat.

Why don't people put more effort into getting their nutrition from food as opposed to pills?


Geez,didn't think my question would put people off.I can just see you rolling your eyes answering my stupid question.But thanks for the answer,I guess.Also,I can get cretine and healthy fats by eating food,but sometimes a pill or supplement just makes it eaiser to get what my body needs.


We ? Where's the research ?
Until that time I'll take adult vitamins, with proper amounts in.


You were saying in another post that calcium carbonate was the most absorbable form of calcium. Where exactly are you getting your info from ???