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Multi Vitamin More Than Once a Day?


hey guys, im taking this multi vitamin, the one-a-day kind. h/w i wouldnt mind taking it perhaps twice now, cause i dont think im getting enough vitamins. (no vegs ): ) so yea, should i go ahead with it? or is it a nono.

vit A: 2000iu
beta carotene: 1000iu
vit D3: 300iu
Vit E: 50iu
Vit C: 100mg
Vit B5: 30mg
Vit B3: 20mg
Vit B1: 10mg
Vit B2 10mg
Vit b6: 10mg
Choline: 10mg
Inositol: 10mg
Folic acid: 200mcg
Biotin: 100mcg
Vit B12: 20mcg
Calcium: 100mg
Magnesium: 40mg
Potassium: 15mg
Zinc: 10mg
american gingseng SE-20mg
citrus bioflavonoids-10mg

and some other stuff. thanks!


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i dunno dude, 20mcg a day of molybdenum has been shown to have estrogenic side-effects


Most multivits are crap anyway and dont do what you expect them to, anything that gives you all that in one is guna have problems with absorption which is exactly why Biotest mineral supplement is more that one pill because it has to be chalated etc


No; you can't substitute a multi-vitiman for vegetables. (there is no substitute for vegetables)




ok thanks for the advice guys. much appreciated. (:

and.... yea i dont take vegetables, but do take fruits. i dont know, i know it aint good for me, but i just hate (really really hate) vegetables. :confused: and i think dave tate/jim wendler doesnt eat vegetables too. (though i know i aint as gifted as either) :slight_smile:


Most everyone feels bad for not eating enough vegetables, but some frozen broccoli or at least the frozen corn, peas and carrots are good.
You don't need to make some fancy salad to get veggies.


There is no such thing as "taking vegetables", you eat vegetables. You do not put them in your car and take them to county fair...unless of course you planning on selling vegetables you have grown and harvested yourself at the county fair.


Exactly. Broccoli and the corn/pea/carrot combination is also what I "take". I understand that veggies are boring as fuck but they are essential parts of a complete diet. Just eat your damn vegetables, son!


also what i wrote was bullshit because i thought what the op asked was silly - really? a freakin multi vit wont kill you


ok now im a lil sad caveman ): the point of asking was kinda to see if it would benefit me more/no added benefits whatsoever/do more harm than good. i spend 30bucks on a bottle which can last me for 2mths, no way am i spending another 30more(on my low and measly army pay) when it does nth for me. (:


I'm not gonna read this whole thread. As non-offensively as possible, please let me suggest you somehow learn more about nutrition, at least enough to know that you need to stop being so damn lazy/picky/ignorant and eat some veggies. If that could be arranged, then benefits will bestow themselves upon you.


I just read this thread and realized this is honestly the only reason I manage to choke down my vegetables most days.

Everyone "knows" that you should eat vegetables, but unless I'm missing something, they don't contain anything that can't be found in other food sources:



It sounds like solid reasoning, but it just doesn't seem to work out. I'm not sure what it is we are missing(I have often wondered). There are many things about weightraining progression that are inconvenient/unpleasant.


fat soluble vitamins anyone? shrug


I was going to start a new thread but I feel that 'complementing' this one will suffice.

I was going to ask a very similar question...

What, exactly in terms of vitamins and minerals is necessary? One multi vitamin? A one a day would make sense I suppose, but what brand? Biotest do not make a MV so I hope they don't mind if we mention names. The 'animal pak' ones have been touted the best by a few people round these here parts and I have tried them. To be totally honest I don't really notice any difference with regards to what MV I take and I believe it was Bill Starr who started all this MV and MM mega dosing malarky.

I, like many don't really like vegetables and only eat small amounts of fruit and occasionally vegetables. Right now I use a low carb protein supplement, and I put fiber and flaxseed powder into eat one. I use cod liver oil, CLA, animal pak multi vitamins, Vitamin E, C, creatine, and a medley of other numerous vitamins and minerals, I'm actually wondering if all that shit is doing more harm than good.
I usually take a multi mineral/electrolyte tablet after a long workout, like say I do 30mins CV after a weight session, and take the other stuff with food.

My question is similar to the OP's, which is why I didn't start a new thread-but to be more specific-what should we be taking to cover all the bases without going over the top and compromising gains? As people who aren't avid consumers of fruit and veg...

Can you name a one a day MV&M?


IMO 1 day vitamins are for average people sitting at a desk all day. for guys who lift hard day in day out and deplete certain vitamins and minerals, we need the supplements designed for our activity level. optimum nutrition optimen, animal pak, and gnc mega mens sport are solid choices. usually you take these 2-3 times a day with each meal.


While I'll agree that active people need above average nutitional support, I believe it is easy to get carried away with it. If a lifter uses Meal Replacement Powders, Protein Powders, Pre-Workout Mixes, etc., they also contain vitimins & minerals, etc.. I think it is worthwhile to actually 'due the math' from time to time. Most people would be suprised to see what their totals really are.

I find it difficult to believe that lifters/athletes that are willing to subject themselves to the level of abuse required to progress; regarless of their chosen activity; are intimidated by a couple of servings of vegetables a day. If you are unwilling to discipline yourself outside of your direct training, what makes you believe you have the resolve to survive real training challenges. The fact that one doesn't like the taste/texture of vegetables is a poor excuse to not eat them. The path of least resistance is the route water takes when it's flowing down hill; not the path an honorable person takes.


I agree. What does concern me is the poor quality of fruit and vegetables available from the supermarket-how much nutritional value do they really posses? Things like Vitamin E are only available in miniscule amounts so an abundance is only available via supplementation, as is creatine if I'm not mistaken.

All I'm interested in is covering the bases and not overdoing it. I'm not interested in all these extra 'fixes' like coq10, creatine, sun chorella, anaconda, I'm just going for a protein supp, multi vitamin and mineral and fiber.