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Multi Task Game



my best score was 2 because i saw something shiny and stopped playing.


Score of 82, that was interesting.


Fuck you, Jason lee!

Score: 65( First and Only attempt)


hmmm, 55.


54 here.


Ugh, 58 first try.

Left hand operating the right side of the screen screwed me.


82 was my first and only attempt. Plus I had a 3 year old jumping on my lap. Makes it more challenging.


50... Fuck me I suck.

Thank you sir. My entire cube is going to get dick done at work tomorrow. SWEET!


I officially don't like you. Watch your back, Jason.


90, Not bad until they add the fucking purple triangle jesus tapdancing christ.

EDIT: Second try 92, hot damn this stretches the brain.

  1. LOL stupid msn.


82 on second try. That last mingame is one too many.

Edit: 92 on 3rd try, 1 internets to the first one to 100.


got a 96



Damn, only 57.




yea screw that. you win buddy


haha, trippy


I could only get to 98, so is there another thing that you have to control after the fourth one?


No after the 4th one popups just appear that say "The difficulty of all games has now increased" at certain intervals (I think the first one was at 125, then again at 150 or so)