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Multi-Joint Workout Plan


What's everyone (or anyone) think of straight 3-day-a-week compound supersetting or EDT workout plans?

Here's one I'm working with now...

Day 1

Back squats / pull ups
Stiff deads / bench

Day 2

Dumbell snatches
Militaries / Barbell rows

And I just alternate these...any constructive criticism on this type of a workout plan? Can anyone share variations on this that might work as well? Guess I'm just a fan of the compound exercises...

Thanks all.


That looks like a gold medal plan right there. A bare bones, no frills, roll-up-the-sleeves-and-kick-ass routine.

I wouldn't do it for more than 4 or 6 weeks, since it does rely on so few exercises.

If you don't do it EDT-style, what sets and reps would you be using?


At first, I thought I'd try it EDT style. It's working out pretty good so far. I'm not sure about set/rep range for supers...maybe 5x5?

Now I'm trying to think of a plan I could squeeze in after 4-6 weeks, like you said, something I could do for a couple of weeks that might isolate some problems areas, etc.