Multi Grip Sand Bags

Ladies and Gents, is anyone else using Multi Grip sand bags?

I’ve a true convert. I brought one more out of hope than expectation. But honestly - if someone came to me right now and said “I want to join a gym, what one is good”. It tell them to skip it and buy a 15kg, 30kg and 60kg bag. And spend 6 months getting used to moving these about.

Genuinely - my 60kg bag is God send. And I’d love to talk to others about what training they do with theirs. Get some more ideas.

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Not a multi grip but (as you already know) I do use a sand bag for extra strength and conditioning work outside of the gym. I agree they are a great tool.

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I think they are brutal, like moving a dead body.

I would honestly recommend one. Doing 100 burpee dead lifts in 10mins was one of the hardest work outs I’ve ever done. There is a reason I’ve hit that target and gone - “Nope - not doing that any more” lol. The handles really do add an extra dimension. I mean they are lighter than your bag (you have an 80kg one right?). But it is still a great tool.

I play a lot of rugby when I can. And being able to man handle sand bags is VERY much like man handling people lol. Although the people I play rugby against are not often dead.

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Disclaimer: I have picked up a few but I’m LEO so nothing criminal.

I was a funeral op - I did the pick ups for coroners. I’d still say the bags are easier. People do not have handles on.

But as an approximation - a loosely packed sand bag is about right. In fact we have 2 bags the same size at our gym. One is 100kg the other 80kg. The 100kg bag is easier to move.

Depends where you stick your hands