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Multi Blend Test for TRT?

Hi people, I’ve made a mistake and have ended up with a multi blend Test (Test acetate, prop, phenyl/prop,cyp and decanoate) rather than the Enanthate I’m using at the moment (150mg a week).

I understand that the different types stay in your system for various lengths of time but I’m wondering are there any other differences I am not aware of and is a multi blend suitable for TRT?

If it’s that high mg/ml UGL gear it tends to come in blends (don’t ask me why), if it’s T450 or T400, it tends to hurt slightly more than regular test E, C or whatever. Testosterone acetate has a very short half life, however there isn’t any literature on the exact half life, I’d assume it’s around two days. Interestingly, people who say “everyday shots are best” with test cyp due to it mimicking the natural curcadium rhythm of testosterone production, using something like testosterone acetate every day actually will mimick natural tesotosterone production with regard to peaks and nadirs. Every day shots of long estered testosterone will keep levels SUPER stable, but they won’t mimick natural ups and downs.

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