Mult-Vitamin revisited

Are liquid vitiamins better than the pill types? Better absorbtion? I was thinking about buying liquid centrum.


I’ve heard that liquid is better but Centrum™vitamins suck.In my opinion the potency is just too weak.

What brand of multi-vitamin do you recommend?

I take ultra mega gold(GNC brand)I’m not aware of any liquid multi vitamins.I worked for GNC for 2 years and we never stocked any(other than for children).

Shaklee makes a liquid for adults and I am pretty sure Trader Joe’s carries one also.

Centrum and One a day type vitamins are unbalanced and not worth taking.

Ultra Mega is a good choice and readily available nationwide.

I started using Animal Pak vitamins when I finally got serious with my training.

Rather partial to Flintstones by the handful myself.


LOL Knight, I’m sure you researched that ad infinitum before you settled on the best vitamins for you! hahahahaha

I take X-tend Life vitamins. Take a look at Warren Matthews information and decide for yourself. He has a lot to say about bio-availability.

Life Extension Mix from the Life Ext. Foundation for me. 14 capsules per day. Very high potency, quite expensive. And, I add other individual vitamins, minerals, aminos, enzymes, etc. Been doing this for many years. Hopefully I’m not just pissing away my money. Literally! Once you start taking this stuff you’re reluctant to stop. I’m hooked. :wink:

I got turned on to whole food multi’s by a former bodybuilder. They seem way more effective and I don’t piss nearly as much of them out. The better they are the more likely you’ll have to refrigerate them after you open them up.

personal favorite is multipro 32x from AST-by far the best that i have tried and they don’t stink (literally) like the Mega Mens by GNC do!