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Mule's Vert. Update

Last year during spring testing I jumped 38.5 inches using the conventional vert tester (whatever it’s called) Today, on one of those electric vert. testers I jumped 36 inches. Most of the team jumped a few inches less on that, so it may not be too accurate. We are going to test again using the conventional one where you tap the plastic things after we get back from spring break.
I also power cleaned 300 lbs. after only one day of practice actually doing a full clean. I haven’t caught and dropped in proly 8 months due to a little injury and a heavy affliction… I hate dropping under the weight… clean high pulls are much more fun.

So there’s my update and I’ll be posting more after more testing.



Your vert #'s are impressive! I’m finishing an article on vertical jump training for t-mag as we speak. Give some of my training methods and “dirty tricks” a try. I guarantee your vert will improve. 40" isn’t out of the question. I’ve trained 2 guys who weighed over 250lbs. and jumped over 40". (LJ Smith, TE, Philadelphia Eagles & Bryan Thomas, DE, NY Jets.)

Hopefully I’ll have the article submitted within 2-3 days.

Best of luck.
Joe D.

you on bball team? 38 inch vert is GREAT. what kind of equip you using to measure, the jump and touch test is the best.

whats an electric vert tester ?? heh, i never heard of that, or do you mean some kind of thing that calculates air/hang time.

Is the verticle article going to be different from the 2 already on your site? im going into the last 2 weeks of the program you put and have had good results. hopefully this new article can be used as a follow up.
that made my day. thanks

Coach Defranco I want to congratulate you on putting together such a wonderful video on preparing for the NFL combines. Your video will help towards the goals I’m after for football. Thanks again!

That’s Coach DeFranco. I actually read your articles and implimented some of your techniques and tips into my training… I really worked my vert. hard and I know I got more explosive, stronger, and I weigh a little less than last year, so I don’t know why my vert. went down. I know how acurrate our electric vert. tester is. What’s your opinion on electric testers vs. “vert-tech” testers?



The Vertec is the “official” vertical jump tester at the NFL Combine in Indy as well as all of the college Pro Days throughout the country.

It’s important for you to know that your vert may not have gone down. Although I feel that both the Vertec and Electrical Pad are accurate; they are still different ways of measuring the vert. This will always contribute to “loop holes” in your data. The most accurate way of measuring an athlete’s vertical is to use the same measuring device every time!

(Even though the Vertec is used more often, there is more room for error due to the fact that it takes into account the height of your reach. You may not always be giving the same reach before testing your vert on the Vertec.)

My advice would be to use the Electric Pad when you test yourself again since it’s the last way that you tested yourself. This way you will know whether or not your training has been working or not.

If you do intend on participating in any NFL Combine-type workouts, make sure you master your technique on the Vertec, though. That’s what they will be using.

Keep training like a madman!!!


I can’t comment on the electronic versions, but I will say that even the vert-techs can have their problems. We use them, and they occasionally get thrown off if you set up too quickly; make sure that they’re always remeasured when all is said and done.

As an aside, we just had 13 NFL scouts/coaches looking at our seniors last week; they went through and remeasured everything we set up with their tape measures: 40-yds, pro-agility, vertical, etc. It really is a war to impress them, so I’d assume people go to great lengths to cut corners.

Also, regarding your vertical jump, what time of day did you test the last time, and was it the same as most recently? We tested our soccer players at 6 AM once and some of their numbers fell off by 2-3 inches. There had been the typical off-season weight gain of a few pounds in a lot of guys, but we accounted for with the Lewis nomogram; even the total power output was down a bit. That said, we had them come back that afternoon around 4 PM and everyone on the team outperformed their previous effort of the day.

Kind of lends support to Poliquin’s recommendation that all training take place between three and eleven hours after one wakes up.

Just a thought. Keep up the good work and good luck!


Good Job Mule!

Most vertical jump tests are not accurate and depending on the test an athlete may be average or way above average. I believe there is an research artlicle in the biomechanics literature called the Vertical jump test is bogus and unfair.

hey mule whats your best standing long jump if youve ever done one?

Mine used to be around 9 feet when I was around 192lbs - see clip :slight_smile:

right click and save before vieiwng to avoid errors
Double bounds

haven’t tested it in a while but it do go up a bit a while later.

dont mean to hijack but where can i find some info on the different types of vertical leap testers?

theres ones where you stick a measuring tape on your waist and jump, vertecs (which IMO are not accurate as your body stretches out more when you jump) and various contact mats that measure flight time and takeoff force etc - these would be the most accurate as far as how high the feet leaves the floor rather than how high your fingers get

yeah cool, thanks,

i was thinking something along those lines
although all a person would need to do is tuck there legs a little bit and they would be able to fool the electronic tester into thinking that they were off the ground longer…

the reason the vertec could be more is because he wasnt stretching out enough on the initial measurement?

are there any links to sites for the various types of testers, im keen to make an electronic tester and an electronic timer for sprints… need some ideas :slight_smile:

coolcolj, do you have any links to the fitrodyne type devices?

once again sorry about the hijack

that is a very good vertical mule congrats…

you talk about numbers but you play football dont you? what are your skills like? do they match your physical ability?

plenty of links in the micro muscle lab thread on the CF forum

if you look at the research study on Michael Jordan’s standing vertical jump and running jump when he was still in college, you can see the reach method is much higher by a good 2-3 inches