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Mukasey: Liar or American Hero?

In Mukasey’s attempt to scare up support for wiretapping American citizens in America, without a warrant, and immunity for telecoms taking part in the surveillance, something funny happened…

Either he lied through his teeth saying a call came in from Afghanistan (liar), or he let everyone know that a call did come in and nothing was done about it (American hero). If this call did come in it SHOULD have been monitored, warrant or not, that my friends is the law.

Both scenarios are deplorable in my opinion. Lying attorney general, or MORE evidence confirming the administrations complete and utter incompetence, resulting in 3000+ Americans “who went to work that day, and didn’t come home”.

Saddened this hasn’t been talked about yet. I guess if it doesn’t show up on Fixed News, I mean Fox Noise, I mean Faux News it doesn’t get talked about here.