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Muhammad Ali Fading


Very sad that this great competitor is fading into the Book of Legends.



You know it's funny, I watched "when we were Kings" last night and spent a lot of time today thinking how important of an athlete he is/was...

Amazing human being and American Icon.


He was a true hero to many of us of African-american heritage. I grew up watching the Champ fight and have been a fan ever since. I own a complete library of Ali's fights and I've watched every fight he had, including the ones out of the ring with the authorities. He was truly the greatest. Its sad to see an icon deteriorate.


Ali is a great man and a damn impressive boxer. I love to watch him on ESPN Classic. And to watch the interveiws with him. He is just amazing.

"Im so fast I can turn out the lights in the bed room and be in bed before it gets dark."

Rumble young man Rumble.



one more


I think TC needs to use that shot as powerful image.


Ok this is the last one.

I really like Ali.


Haha. Indeed. A true champion. That's why I hate seeing him go out like this.


The tactics he used in the Rumble in the Jungle showed just what kind of genius he was...

Take a beating from George until he gets tired then go in for the kill... Must have took amazing fortitude and discipline to utilize that kind of game plan. His plan was evident when they showed him getting beat up by Larry Holmes in sparring matches. Just taking punch after punch on the ropes, getting conditioned for George's onslaught. Then, getting to Africa and talking all that smack about dancin'... "I'm goona dance and dance and dance! I'm too fast for ol' george!"

He didn't dance a single step. George worked all those weeks on cutting corners in the ring and it was all for naught.

Ali was going to take a beating then attack when the opponent was to tired to continue, and it seemed like Ali was the only one who knew that plan...

You all have to watch When We Were Kings.

Amazing film about an amazing man.


Indeed. It was very impressive and took alote of stamina and heart to take that kind of beating and then put the hurt on ol George.



It does fit the criteria. How bout it TC I think it would be a damn good powerful image



Ive got Ali pics for days.

Im trying to turn this into an Ali worship thread. Ha.



Ali Booma Yay!
Ali Booma Yay!

One of the greatest Americans to ever live.


Not to be negative here...But I was just wondering what's the T-Nation opinion on Don King's role in this?


Go for it. A storied life. And the pictures are excellent.



Good reading. Kind of long but I like anything that has to do with Ali.




I cant stop.



The coolest thing about Ali is when he told Frazier he was "god" and Frazier spit back "GOD's gonna get knocked on his ass tonight."


I don't know about all this talk about him being a great person. I mean he was overly cocky and self-righteous and he refused to join the army when he was drafted. BUT...I can't hate on him because he was such an amazing boxer.


Regardless of whether you agree with his stances, he went balls to the wall with what he believed in, and did not compromise it...even for the US government. Please do not turn this political.