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Aaaahhh. Chicks with love handles. A trend that unfortunately doesn't seem to be going away.


No kidding. They seem to be proud to them show them off with low rider jeans and cut off shirts. It makes me want to puke when I see some of them walking around campus.


I don't mind a girl with a little meat on her bones, but when she flaunts it...eh.


That's just gross.


You know, there wouldn't be so many damn fat chicks around if people would stop getting drunk and fucking them. That's my theory anyway, why should they be motivated to lose weight and be in shape when they can still get fucked looking the way they do? Seems rather crude, but think about it.


Beggars can't be choosers.. Some people gotta take it while they still got it.


You, my friend, are making a lot of sense.

Here here!


But it's like riding mopeds...


I find it a little odd that everyone is busy insulting women with a tubby midsection coupled with a poor choice in wardrobe, yet not one person has mentioned the bodybuilder wearing nothing but a speedo and lifting gloves in public.


That guy counts as a "bodybuilder"?

While putting on a leopard speedo and wearing lifting gloves may make you look like a colossal jackass, it doesn't make you a bodybuilder if you continue to look like shit while doing it.

On topic of this thread, yeah, muffintops are gross. A female can get away with a very slight one if she has monstrous boobs to go along with it, but otherwise, ick...


Couldn't have said it better. "Bodybuilder" was not what pops into mind at the sight of that picture unless you are one extremely out of shape bastard yourself. That guy's legs are smaller than some women I know. Every other muscle is underdeveloped. If wearing a leopard print speedo makes you a bodybuilder, will recreational drugs and sex with ugly chicks make you president?


Following trends it would be drugs before election and ugly chicks after.


You both seem to have completely missed my point. My comment was about the balance, or should I say lack of balance, of insults towards chubby girls and tight clothes (not that I condone it) and some almost naked goofball. As for calling him a "bodybuilder", he's certainly not even close to pro material, but judging by the pics I've seen here at "Bodybuilding's Think-Tank", he's certainly closer that most of the guys here.


More cushion for da Pushin!


Shouldn't that say more about the people who post pics than it does about what equals a "bodybuilder"?


Whoa!! Very poor choice of words, but I bet the clown (aka.. bodybuilder) in the photo would be impressed.


Ah, but the muffintops (who can still be very hot) are more likely to be heavy drinkers and thus more likely to put out. It's the eternal chicken vs. egg debate.


Hardly a poor choice. Open up a dictionary and read the definition of the word "bodybuilder". It may not be the way you would describe him, but it's accurate.



Nope, nothing in there about leopard print speedos.