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Muffin Tops

Munching on Muffin Tops
Monday August 01, 2005 3:00AM PT

A Muffin Top
Sometimes a phrase, concept, or idea doesn’t even have to be popular in Search to inspire us. We found our latest inspiration in a New York Daily News article titled “Muffin-Top Mayhem.” This delicious article has absolutely nothing to do with baked goods and everything to do with style disasters. It’s slang for those fashion victims who fall prey to the dual menace of ill-fitting pants and midriff-baring tops. The resulting spillage of skin resembles a muffin top – hence the name. Inspired by this everyday eyesore, we delved into searches related to the phenomenon that threatens us all.


I had never heard of this one


Never heard the name before, but I’ve certainly talked to people about it. It’s HORRIBLE. Pant size 2 sizes too small. Tank top also 2 sizes too small. Result = mega-belly poking out over said pants. Yuck.