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Mufasa Appreciation Thread

I really don’t want to start a trend here, but after reading a good part of the discussions here for the last year, I have formed a very great respect for one specific poster.

Come on Mufasa, you know who you are!

Always positive, consistent and mature. I have never met you, but if we do, the beer’s on me.


Here’s to you Mufasa.

Mufasa is definitely the man. Or the lion. At any rate, he’s a cool guy.

Agreed, with all the horrible posters on here, it’s nice to have some consistently good ones, thanks Mufasa.

Let me pucker up and plant a good one on you.

Mufasa, I respect you, because you respect others. You have a great attitude, mate.

And if you’re going to get a beer bought for you, make a real one at least. Those Belgs have no idea…

Gotta be a Belgian to do that.

Mufasa, you’re a very objective and mature poster. Your calm posts make a difference. Peace bro.

Agreed. Mufasa’s one of the best on the board.

Mozzle mozzle.

Absolutely. Anyone that feels the same way I do about Cory Everson has to be a good guy.

I admire his ability to take the high road in every situation. A lesson that I have yet to learn.

Mufasa, I have been a fan for quite a while, and I was very sad when you got trampled by wildebeast. :frowning:

Out of curiosity, why did you call yourself Mufasa? Are there like any deeper meanings?



[quote]David Barr wrote:
Mufasa, I have been a fan for quite a while, and I was very sad when you got trampled by wildebeast. :([/quote]

Alright, who cried when Mufasa died? C’mon let’s hear it.

[quote]Fahd wrote:
Out of curiosity, why did you call yourself Mustafa? Are there like any deeper meanings?



That’s what he looks like.

http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=898355 anyone?


Now this was unexpected!

THIS Lion can’t just sit around humping Lionesses and eating Thompson’s Gasellle’s all day!(LOL!)

Gotta’ work! BUT…

I have a lot of thoughts swimming through my head, because this has been a tough “Internet Year” to me (more on that later). You guys have given me the opportunity to share some thoughts that I’ve been keeping in because of this thread.

So I’ll post a little on it over the next few days; maybe wait for the “haters” to do their thing; then see if you guys STILL like The Lion!

Why Mufasa?

He loved his family; was strong when he had to be and was loving and caring because he wanted to be.

He was a reluctant Leader, but did it any way.

He had all the qualities that I struggle each and every day to have. I fall short a lot; but I’m trying.

Is that “gay?” (A LOT more on that later).

Then so be it…


[quote]Lunchmeataphobia wrote:
http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=898355 anyone?[/quote]

Time to grow up, buddy.

Cheers, Mufasa.


I like reading Mufasa’s posts because he always uses things like ()*"" and underlining and boldening so I know what his voice tone is.

I too am a huge Mufasa fan!

I mostly lurk now, but Mufasa has always been a favorite of mine.

Yay Mufasa!