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Much Respect to this Sister!


thet title on the vid is FAIL.... but serious victory!!


Did she get 3 whites or what?


thank God I wasn't there so I dont know

but she DID NOT QUIT!!!


I like it.

Someone needs to make a gif out of it.


PMPM made a gif out of it.

And by "made a gif out of it" I mean "reenacted it."


Id hit it, after some mouthwash of course.


That's awesome! I'd buy her a beer for being a badass!


Nom nom nom nom nom

Would eat up that puke then eat her out.

Edit: ... and not necessarily in that order.


You all are ready to suck face with Miss Vomit Breath, but is there no love for the dedication of runner Danny Diarrhea Drawers?


No sir.

I share a common goal of picking things up and putting them down with the woman that is puking.

The dude shitting himself is a masochist and running is for crazy people.

Yeah heavy lifting, boo long distant torture.

Yeah vomit, boo shitty pants




Whatcountingbeans said.


The center judge took a hosing.


No I did not. I dropped the bar. She did not. She is awesome. I am not.


You weren't preggers, and still tried so hard you puked?

I'd say that is pretty awesome, even though you dropped the bar like a bitch.