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Much Pain, Can't Train


How long can you lay off due to injury before you state to loose gains. I have a sprained pec muscle and I am told to lay off for 10 days. Just when I was starting to see visible growth.

Anyone else have a lay off and did or didn't loose gains?


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I really wouldn’t sweat about 10 days.

I had a three week lay off due to a lower back injury,
and I felt a bit weaker when hitting the gym again, but most likely it was me being a little rusty,
and kind of losing the “groove” of exercises. Plus my diet kind of sucked in the three weeks off.
Three weeks back in the gym and I’m hitting PR’s, feeling stronger than ever.
So I really wouldn’t worry about it.

10 days off might actually do you good.


Work around it.
Find exercises that do not require the pec to fire.


[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
Work around it.
Find exercises that do not require the pec to fire.[/quote]



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[quote]tassietaekwon wrote:
^ I am very confused by your avatar[/quote]

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OP’s a poet and doesn’t even know it.


My first option would always be to see what I could do that doesn’t aggravate the injury (I’m sure you calves could always use more work). If a complete layoff for several days is absolutely required, my advice would be the following:

1-Eat a SMALL amount above maintenance levels. You may feel a little soft (mostly in your head), but it will ensure less chance of lbm loss.

2-Take some creatine. When my brother had to have his arm in a cast, he totally loaded up hoping the increased water in his muscles would prevent breakdown (actually worked pretty well too).

3-Do something active so you don’t lose your mind. Years ago when I had my arm in a sling, I would walk my dog for about 45 minutes at a clip just so I felt I was doing something to get off my fat ass.

4-Keep things in perspective. A few days off will usually do you more good than you realize at the time.



Wise words Stu…Wise words…


Thanks all, many words of wisdom here. You’re right 10 days now beats 3 months later and the creatine advice makes sense too.