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Much Older Athlete Showing his Amazing Shape


I saw this dudes video on Bodyweightculture.com. Take a look at his skills. Few of us can do this at much younger age.

Great aspiration.


I only watched half of the video. Decided to hit the gym instead. Thanks.


he's got skills....no hating


No hating - good for him, but what he's doing is not that remarkable.


we know whos gettin all the 70year old laddies :wink:


I like how it's for bodyweightculture.com, but he's still using weights.

Good for him though for training and keeping in shape at his age regardless though.


for his age range..the amount of elderly that can barely walk and that are slipping and busting hips..for his peer group..what he is doing is very remarkable..compared to a 25 year old athlete not so much. but then again, most teens and 20 something are overweight and obese.


That contest allows for any type of equipment, as long as 50% of the exercise are body weight. He also made another cool video for this months contest.


By aspiration, did you mean "inspiration?"

The grammar police have spoken.


Guys like that make me feel better about getting older.

I bet he can kick every guys ass at the rec center.


The fact that the guy can speak clearly after each demonstration [even the "here you gooo.." at the end] tells me he has extra capacity. His workouts are indeed much longer than what he shows us in the movie. Simply amazing...