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Much Bigger Than Expected


I have a little dilema about my current cycle. If anyone remembers I had asked a few questions about a cycle of Deca 600mg a week, stacked with test ethanate at 250mg a week for a ten week cycle, with plenty of nolva for pct and I got a lot of good feedback from people saying this should be a good combo.

I'm on my 3rd week and everything is going fucking awesome!! I feel fantastic, my strength is way up, and I haven't experienced any sides. The only thing is I'm getting pretty damn big.

Before I started the cycle I was at about 185lb, with a moderate amount of fat (15%-18%) body, but I weighed myself last night and I'm already up to a duece(200.4lb), and my fat seems to have gone down a bit because I look slightly more defined, though I have no way to measure it right now.

I have been lifting my ass off, taking a shitload of protein, and resting quite a bit so I expected to gain quite a bit on this cycle, but I know it takes the Deca a couple weeks to kick in and my test dose is relatively small, so I didn't expect to blow up like this so soon!!

My concern now is whether I should finish off the whole cycle and see where I go, or to split this up into 2-5 week cycles, and take a couple months off in between. I didn't plan this at first, but at this rate I'll be 220lb after 10 weeks!!

This will probably be my last cycle for a long time, and possibly forever as I'm just trying to recover from a second open shoulder surgery in less than 2 years (my last surgery was about 1 and 1/2 years ago).

A few people know I've been juicing a little for rehab (one other cycle of tren and dbol) and I don't give a shit what people think, but if I come back to school from my internship a fuckin monster the whole world will know somethings up.

So any info on advice for splitting up the cycles, or just finishing off one big one would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long ass post, but I wanted to provide as much info to you guys as possible for anyone who wants to give me any advice. And for my critics of marijuana, I'm off the pot so I hope you'll be happy to here that. Thanks guys.


So hopefullythe 600mg deca you have been on was a front load and now you will cut that in half and keep your test at 250mg ew or possibly more. Cause at 600mg deca and barraly hrt levels of test, your gains will be awsome but your limp dick after a few more weeks wont be that great.

But, bro it is going that good and it is not that big a deal to you what others will wisper then finish out the cycle as planned just remember to take the test for one week past the deca and then you still have another 2+ weeks before the deca will be low enough for you to start recovering.
Good luck.


Wow I'm really amazed that you are feeling it 3 weeks in on such long esters. Maybe it's psychological? Or maybe it's natural gains due to you raising your calories and eating right? Who knows.. Anyways, congratulations.

IMHO you shouldn't try to split that into 2 cycles, for the simple fact that you are using long esters. People run shorties on short esters. Some frontload a megadose of a long ester at the beginning, but run prop or acetate for the duration.

Anyways, good luck and keep with your 10 week plan. (IMO it should have been 12-16 weeks long)

good luck!


CJ, 15lbs. of bodywt. is not out of the ordinary after only 3 weeks. Test and deca are notorious for edema, so I'd be willing to bet that most of your gains are d/t increased h20 retention,nitrogen retention, and glycogen storage.
The rate that you're gaining right now most likely will not continue throughout the entire cycle, which is why I'd suggest to continue the duration as planned, because a lot of the edema will be lost upon cessation of the androgens.



Does using arimidex throughout the cycle help prevent edema or is there somehting better?


Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I'm going to stick with the original plan of ten weeks. But what if I cut my doses in half, and used these first 4 weeks as a front load, and then just finished off the cycle at 300mg deca and 125mg test for the next 12 weeks.

I'm just thinking about this because everything I look up on the stuff seems to point to low dose longer cycles being the way to go instead of high dose short cycles with these long lasting esters. I think you guys were right and my gains should somewhat level off.

What about the deca dick? Will I most likely get it if I keep my doses where they are, because so for it's been the complete opposite. I'm hard constantly, which kind of blows cause the old lady is about 1,000 miles away, so until I'm done with my internship I'll be doing a lot of "self-help". I think the erections might be due to the test, but so far getting hard is definetly not a concern. What does anyone else think about me changing my cycle like I said?


Keep it like it is. You're doing well. Now just keep it up (pun intended.)


Wow, I don't give a shit who says deca takes weeks to kick in...when you take 850mgs of juice one day it is not going to take more than a couple of days for you to start feeling the androgens...CUT the deca back to 400mg and keep the test where it is...I would take my last shot of deca in wk 8 and maybe ad some oral winny at that point to get you to wk ten and hit the hcg to finish it off in wks 9-11