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Much Appreciated Form Check - 3 Weeks Out

Got so many questions. With 3 weeks to go is there any way to correct this form. I feel like I am locked in but back looks rounded and the heavier i get the more i seem to recert to old habits. Do you guys think I need to drop hips more? Do you think this would be red lighted for lockout? Or rounded back? Shoud i be “over arching” my back at start of the lift? Sorry lots of questions.

I dropped to 405 and tried dropping hips more. Does this look any better? Bar started rolling away from me.

The 495 would get red lights for the super soft lockout, especially at the knees. It looks like you ramped it a bit on your thighs which comes from the rounded back and not being able to push your hips through. I wouldn’t try over-arching though. IMO you need to really lock in your lats but long run, i.e. after this meet, you should work on strengthening your lower and mid back.

Yeah dang it. It sure looks like i start in a rounded position even though it doesnt “feel” like it. Here is a view of 475 and lockout is crap i think.

Maybe three weeks is not enough time to implement and get good with changes but for example switching from a rounded back style pull to a completely neutral back pull.

But you can make changes to optimise bracing and locking in a given back position so that you don’t overly round during the lift and can lockout a bit more comfy that way. So like cuing and working on increased back tightness and lat engagement + effective breathing/bracing as well as cuing getting your hips through earlier or more forcefully may help.

If I remember I’ll look up some vids for you and drop them here


It’s not looking good, you are hitching and your knees are not locked at lockout. It would have been better if you had fixed these problems long ago. Try squeezing your glutes at lockout, and try to lock your knees. You can lift 405 without hitching, but at the very least ou need to lock your knees.

Roger that Chris. I quit driving my legs. Need to remember that once I get over 400. I gotta clean it up over next few weeks. Maybe throw in an extra DL up to 400 in the next 3 weeks just to try and drive it home.