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Much ado about Deadlifts


I am currently 5'8" 175lbs and 25 years old. I have only recently come to really understand and implement Jim's four principles using 531 with BBB two days a week. However, one weakness still hinders my progress, and that's my deadlift. I would really like to continue pulling conventional because that is what Jim suggests and want to give his program an honest try.

But, sumo feels much more natural to me and I can keep back flat much better. I'm not sure if my conventional form is close enough to keep pushing up the weight. I do feel it a little bit in my lower back after the work and BBB sets. I put links to my last two 531 weeks as a reference.

Thanks for any help you can provide.




Your conventional looks fine. Weight might be a bit heavy if you need to rest in between reps to get 5 good ones, but form is good. What’s your concern?


Your pull is fine. I’m not sure what or who is putting this stuff in everyone’s head but STOP READING! It’s paralyzing you.


first of all, Jim is right. figure out YOUR way, within reason, and stop worrying about if it’s right.

secondly, I think it would be a good idea for you to either start doing touch-n-go reps, or completely come off that bar between reps. The sumo was fine, but something wonky is happening when you’re resting at the bottom of the conventional. contrary to what some believe, I think you’d have better form throughout the set by using touch n go- forces you to stay tight. or, since you’re taking a few seconds between reps anyway, release the bar, stand up, reset feet if need be, pull next rep- this shouldn’t take any longer than you’re already taking.