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Muay Thai Workout Program

Just started practicing Muay Thai a couple weeks ago 3x a week. All of the training involves calisthenics, which kind of kills my goals of continuing my bodybuilding goals. I don’t mind too much, I’m cutting down pretty nicely now about 185 and 12% bf. I am trying to maintain a solid diet, but was wondering how you guys maintain a consistent weight?

Regular fight training will stabilise your bodyweight to what you should be walking around out providing you’re not in water cutting mode.

I’d say, go with the flow, eat well, rest well and be happy and don’t get caught up with trivialities of looking a certain way, but rather performing a certain way.

I’ve seen soft lanky guys destroy absolutely ripped to the shreds muscley guys with ease way too many times to consider appearance too much.

I’ve even seen big fat dudes make a mockery of big muscley dudes.

Just concentrate now on learning as much MT as possible as well as doing it as often as possible.

Practise makes perfect… or at least makes you better :slight_smile:

Yeah good point, I guess I just needed to hear someone else say it, thanks bro!