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Muay Thai Premiere League Workouts Buakaw and Nathan Corbett


Enjoy Muay Thai purists




Don't really follow FTR to be honest but:

Buakaw is insane. I'll never forget him at his peak in K1 MAX dude was completely dominating very talented fighters. Even when Masato got his vindication some years later, it was far from an easy fight for Masato.

Carnage, well I know everyone loves him in the FTR world, and he destroys dudes, but I've never liked his footwork, it's always seem kind of erratic and not very fluid, almost duck footed. Not to say he's a bad fighter by any measure of course.


In a purist boxing style yes, his footwork is akward. In a Muay Thai Style his footwork is also akward. It's good though that he has good speed for a heavyweight and good explosive power which helps him destroy his opponents and overcome them. He's also pretty darn accurate. But good observation.
I'd be hanged if I said this infront of the Aussie public who think he is flawless. I also think his weight transfer is terrible and he could use much less power if he shifted his weight properly but again, his sheer speed and explosive power makes up for it.


Buakaw's cardio is off-charts.



I remember reading an article on one of the more popular steroid information websites, the author was convinced that Buakaw and Masato were "the biggest users of AAS in K1 MAX" lmao


LOL, did K1 test?

I think it's safe to say that a huge majority of pro athletes will use if they aren't ever tested.


Well I guess it's that persisting rumor that most Japanese organizations don't test, and have even been known to provide for certain athletes.

I have no idea how true it is or not, but certainly being a little bit more educated about top level athletes and the use of PEDs has made me more suspicious.

I've always heard that various insinuations that various K1 superstars during the golden era were on AAS. Never seen any solid evidence of course, so who knows. TBH I wouldn't care if they were, AAS doesn't give a fighter elite skills.


gotta love EPO, and even with that we've got dudes gassing out every now and then


Who was the guy holding pads? Him and Corbett never seemed to get on the same page.


looks the guy from Tiger Muay Thai camp, but then again all thai people looks the same.