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Muay Thai in Pattaya, Thailand


How is it for a "farang" to come and train there once in a while and go a couple of matches?
Do the Gyms require you to practice with them very regularly/every day before they let you go any matches? I'm mainly going over there to lift and work on sprinting, agility etc, but I have lots of competitive martial arts experience from before (MMA, boxing etc).
Is it a problem for a 200+lb guy to get any matches over there, or are they very willing to do a catch-weight type thing (experience vs. weight)?


Pay for me to come with you and I'll help you find out.


Hehe, pay for you to come with me?


yes, as well as me.

it will be exciting, as well as has potential for MMMF action


Can I tag along???

This is something I have actually been putting serious thought into doing. Although,the Thai might be concerned that I will eat them...and their children.


Yeah pay for us to come with you, and we'll spar/fight whenever you want!


I actually was gonna set up to go to Thailand..but the guy I was goin with had some fights lined up so we haven't gone.
I had a few weeks off from muay thai, changed my training, I'm back into it all 100%..
I'll eventually go to Thailand..or perhaps Amsterdamn to train.

I also want a quite a bit of smokers before I go...
And I'm not sure weight wise either..I'll be definaetly aroudn 215-220 by the time I go..I'm not very tall so it'd be interesting to see for a match up even for sparring..


oh fuck that.

i'm not going anywhere with big boss. that mofo is freaking huge


You can tag along if you like, but I'm not paying anybody shit. :smiley:


My cus went a few years ago to a muay thai training camp, i'll check which one. He is quite a big lad so they did as Juggernaut34 said "experience vs. weight". My mma trainer is also just back and now im temped to go for a year or to brazil for bjj and a spot of the local brazilian wildlife.hehe.


Ah,come on,Mac. Don't be a pussy...lol.


Sorry no info for u..
but check out this movie vased on a real life story-
Chok Dee
Foreigner goin to Thailand to do muay Thaui.


Theres a good book called a fighters heart by Sam Sheridan where the guy writes about his experiences travelling around the world learning different Martial Arts.

The first part of the book is about his time in a Muay Thai training camp. Very interesting.

Good luck with going out there. Awesome country, great people. They take their Muay Thai very seriously.
Watching the Thai guys who started training at 5 or 6 years old fight is a real eye opener.

Lumphini stadium is the place to go and watch the pros fight. Absolutely bloody brutal.


Chok Dee is a good movie..haha on facebook I have actually talked to Dida Diafat before..he comes on facebook here n there and is on the conversation area..so I always say whats up to him and stuff lol.
I told him how much I liked his movie and he was pleased (obviosuly)

IRVS - you gotta be pretty adventurous for local brazilian wildlife lol..I hear it can be pretty rough down there! As for Jamacia as well...can lead to bad bad places/news for you.

Anyone watch the true story movie City of God? Set in Brazil (as we hijack thread).


I'll check out Chok Dee, it looked good judging from the trailer.


Check out the threads below, they may be of some help. I'd recommend you PM Phill, he doesn't post too frequently anymore, but he's around and may still have some contacts.

Also, JohnyTNT (I think) used to post in the Combat Sports section, he's a fighter over there (or at least was over there).




I dont have many MMA contacts in Pattaya guys sorry but I have one guys I can ask that now lives in Chaing Mai Full time and regularly goes to Lanna Maui Thai, He used to own Universe Gym in Pattaya. So he may know some places in Pattaya. The Only Maui Thia place I spent a lot of time at in Pattaya was the then brand new Fairtex facility and I can say they had NO problem with bigger guys stepping tin the ring with their fighters. If you check the above threads the one chap was well over your 200lbs juggernaut and he was training and fighting and at Lanna they were consistently pushing to get me to train and fight and I was 230-245lbs at the time.


Allright, then it shouldn't be a problem getting training and fights wherever I go I guess. I'm not 100% sure I'll station in Pattaya yet, we'll see. :slight_smile: