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Muay Thai - Explosive/Weight Training

Dear CT

I’m currently fighting Muay Thai here in Bangkok (I work as a SENCo Special Educational Needs Coordinator in an international school)

I train at 5.30.am (45 mins - 60 mins) and 4.pm - 5.30.pm

Evening sessions are a mix of sparring (light and heavy), bag and technique work or varying intensities. Some sessions on my own following a plan, others with a trainer (all at my local MT gym)

My Am sessions are at home in my garage gym. I have access to:
TBL, TRX, pull-up bar, Oly bar and plates, KB’s (2x 12kg, 1 x 20kg and 1 x 32 kg). Heavy band (dark green), fat gripz, home made sled, speed/striking bag, mats etc.

I’ve been doing a M-W-F weights split (push, lower, pull)

Monday AM
A1. standing press (work up to heavy set of 5, then max @ 60%)
A2 - sets of 8-10 wide grip pull-ups in between
B1 - Incline press - 10, 8, 6 and 15 -20 reps
B2 - incline curls 4 sets 10 -12 reps
C1 - push ups 3 sets max
C2 - rear delts 3 sets 15 - 20

Wednesday AM
A Continuous ramp x 5
Zercher DL
B1 - KB swing x 20-30 (32KG)
no rest
B2 KB goblet squat 10-12
3-4 rounds

I do not do a great deal of quad dominant work as it tends to hinder my kicking power/technique (I do between 250 - 500 heavy bag kicks per PM sessions as much as possible)

continioys ramp Ramp - Power snatch to SGHP to SGDL 3-5 reps
Row variation
Chin variation
(some light triceps work in between sets)

Tuesday, Thursday Saturday AM, - Carries, sled, work, light bag, shadow boxing, weighted vest walks much depends on how intense the PM sessions are and how I feel.
I’m around 175lbs and 10% bf (I can see my abs). What I lack in…well not being Thai (therefore not doing MT training since I could walk - 2 years in fact) I try to make up for in strength and power. My diet is solid - high carb/calories given my activity levels - energy isn’t generally an issue.

Have you had any experiencing training Nak Muay’s and could you please give me a little input? I’ve won 4 fights and lost 1 so far, and am looking at stepping my game up further. My Muay Thai training is going great but some input from a professional coach in regards to my resistance training would be most welcome.

Thank you in advance