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Muay Thai Camps in Thailand?

Anyone on here have experience at a muay thai camp in Thailand? There are so many on the interent and in magazines, would be difficult to pick one out knowing what is quality and what is not. Im considering a year out treating myself to a month of training out there and just drilling the heck out of the basics and seeing what its like. Depending on websites some places make it seem like they have American style hotel rooms with A/C, buffet meals, weight rooms, etc, and others look like you are in huts and having fruit and water for meals haha…

Wondering if anyone has tried a camp and if so how the heck did they pick it and not get scammed or end up in a dump?

www.phukettopteam.com was awesome
check them out

[quote]boydaloid wrote:
www.phukettopteam.com was awesome
check them out[/quote]

Fuck it top team. Sounds legit.

Lots of places to go. Phuket is a better place than Bangkok IMO, cheaper, cleaner and better beach. When picking a camp you have to pick on that is geared for your style. So are better in the clinch, better hands, more kicks, ect. Every camp is different. What do you like?

Thanks guys! Well, Im new to muay thai so I cant say Im better at any style. Ill get a year under my belt before next summer when I could do the trip. Im just loving it so much already and next summer Id have the time and ability to go, I thougth what the hell start looking for places now. Maybe Ill do a a bit of traveling around the world and pick a place every 3-6 months to go train haha…any other countries that have some bad ass camps for a legit fighting style thats worth going?

I like things that are realistic for self defense, as well have some practical carryover to law enforcement and military applications.

tiger muay thai

Phil Baroni, Roger Huerta used to train over there.

Plus there are MMA classes with Ray Elbe.

Tiger website looks amazing, I did watch a bunch of videos from there.

I emailed a coach I had in NYC way back when I first started MMA, long before I took a 15 year break it seems…he has some camps he is familiar with in muay thai and bare knuckle fighting he can hook me up with, as well a chance to train with their military…hah that would be sweet! But yea the Tiger place looked pretty amazing, lots of classes in different disciplines, strength and conditioning workouts everyday (although what I watched was kind of silly shit but at least its workouts while you are gone from weightroom), and looked fun!

has anyone trained here before?