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Muay Thai / Boxing Gloves


Is there much gear discussion here?! I ran a quick search but not a lot came up so I'm just going to ramble away and we'll see what happens...

I thought as Christmas is coming I would treat myself to new gloves, as currently I use 12oz Blitz gloves and I have to make sure I pull my punches and go pretty light when I spar because they aren't exactly highly padded.


I am leaning towards Twins specials, as that's what most in my gym use. 14 or 16, probably 16.....


MMMmmm ^ lol.

However, I have no experience of Windy, Fairtex or Boon gloves and feel some opinions would be useful. As I said no one at the club has them, (Addidas and that MFG or whatever 3 letter brand is).

A friend said don't buy Windy's cos it sucks getting hit with them lol. So yes, any comments greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling: thankyouplease.


Try Raja, Windy or Boon, they are my favourites for gloves (I currently own Raja 16oz and Boon 12oz). I find Twins are pretty poor fitting but it's all dependent on the individual.


Thanks johnny. how you doing you still out @ Tiger? I tried my friends Twins (as I said everyone almost I train with has them) adn they were pretty tight, but still comfy.


we had a very small discussion on it before nothing extra really serious... from my experience, windy and fairtex have been the best. twins I had problem with the velcro wearing out quickly.


Really? Twins are my favorites...I've had a pair of windy's that didn't fit me that good, and the Fairtex ones were good as well, but I really like Twins best.


see, thats interesting...i hear differentiating reports all the time. I know people that HATE fairtex. but from my experience fairtex is actually better than windy... It's really dependent on each person i guess. which is why i discourage buying online unless u know what you like :slightly_smiling: (or they have a great return policy).


I have experiecne with windy, title, fairtex, and twins so I will give my opinions.

Fairtex: I did not like, they did not ever fit right and the velcrow ran out fast and I had to run tape over them til I got new gloves.
Titles: They were alright but wore out fast and were of pour quality imo.
Windy: were great except the thump was a little bad fitting but over all they were great and held up really well for as much as I used them.
Twins specials: are my favorite. They fit great, hold to great and have nothing bad to say about them.


Thanks again people - I will update and let you know how they are when they arrive (which wont b for weeeeeeks lol)

but I went for Twins specials 16oz after trying a few brands, all rubbish, sandee seemed the only real nice ones i got to try (didnt try windy or fairtex tho) aside from teh twins.

I like the feel of the twins inside I tend to have a relaxed hand so having a tight fit will be good for me.. :slightly_smiling:

lets see hwo they turn out lol.