Muay thai & bodybuilding?

I am practicing muay thai,and wondering what kind of bodybuilding routine I should do? I train muay thai on monday 1\30pm-3pm,tuesday 7-8\30 and thursday 7-8\30.On these days we do mostly pad work,pushups,jumping squats and some abdominal work.Any suggestions??

Do you mean bodybuilding, or just weight lifting routine that will help you achieve better results in MT? As a general rule, without going to any specific routine, I suggest training in low rep range (3-5),doing mostly basic exercises(squat,deadlift, bench, dips,chins).Sure,you can do some additional work for smaller muscle groups,but if you’re weigth lifting only to be better in MT, you won’t notice much difference.Don’t play around in the gym with small poundages in high rep range, you will build your stamina elsewhere. There are few martial artists(MB Eric,Kirk…) on this board, so I expect more answers. Whatever you do, watch your progress both in the gym, and in the dojo, and adjust volume of your weight training accordingly.

Coach Davies has a GREAT combative athlete training program. Power & Speed are important but, so is the development of work capacity.

I would suggest a powerlifting type routine (low reps, heavy weight)combined with plyometrics.