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Muay Thai=Big Legs


i was just at superleague website going thru some videos and pictures.i forgot how big some of the muaythai fighters legs are,especially some of the thai fighters.
i was looking at some of malaipet's pictures.his legs and calves are huge.and these guys are only 147-to 165 lbs. coming from a country where good protein is scarce for most ppl.and not only that,they're ripped.and this developement came from just hitting the pads,and bags.unreal.


That and sometimes duck walking and bodyweight or partner squats. Hypertrophy is simply a product of work, and the Muay Thai fighters in Thailand work their legs everyday but are used to the frequency so they don't overtrain. My Muay Thai instructor, who had lived in Thailand, told me for real upper body strength some Muay Thai fighters use rings (gymnastic ones). Man are they brutal.



I'm sorry, if your weight is 147 to 165, your legs aren't huge... unless you're 4 feet tall...


i'm sorry,maybe i should have said they're huge for a 147-160 lbs. male.not everybody can be 200+lbs..unreal.


Does this not ring of Waterbury's lament of "stuck in the gym" mentality. Soccer players' calves, mechanics' forearms and now daily kicking and squatting . .until systemically ". . .they don't overtrain . . ".

Not in lieu of a day w/ deadlifts or squats under a bar BUT inbetween in a micro- continued stimulus sort of way . . .

And BTW, at 5' 2", the tai fighters would look stupid at 200 lb + legs . .never mind not move.
You've all seen the distend GH guts, etc of our "off season" beauties as they waddle around the gym . . .
Functional muscularity it ain't !


I'd say the vast majority of (American; assuming average height of 5'9")men could be 200+ lbs and lean (below 15% bf) if they hit the gym intelligently and ate right.

5'2 147-160 lbs is athletic, but it's not what I'd call muscular. I'm not saying it won't win Muay Thai fights, but it's not particularly muscular.


The best powerlifters in the 67.5 and 75 kg bodyweight classes (up to 165.2#) tend to be around 5'3"-5'7". They aren't bodybuilders, but they are damn muscular.