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Muay Thai As a HIIT Session?


I'm putting together my next twelve weeks of training and am having trouble fitting in some cardio.

I got the idea of just considering my Muay Thai practice as an HIIT session. Would you guys agree? I am looking at weight training 3x a week and Muay Thai 3x a week and maybe some lower intensity cardio such as running a couple times in the morning. Does this sound like an acceptable plan? I am trying to keep it as simple as possible.


You definitely have to factor Muay Thai training as a workout. Especially since it usually (depending on your school) involves lots of pad work, bag work, and jump rope. I wouldn't mind considering it your main form of cardio.

That's a big problem I hear about, people think they need to go to their classes, lift weights, and still find time for G.P.P. or whatever. Unless you're noticing a significant shortcoming in your in-ring performance, lift properly, recover properly, and work hard at MT, and you'll be fine.


Thanks for your opinion. I have tried to do more work in the past and even some intense extra cardio and I just got burned out, and actually gained weight instead of lost it.


When I 1st started boxing I couldnt even handle the volume but I adapted.

Now my GPP is high enough that I can do at least a semi intense exersise every single day.

Take home point:

Start with just your weights and your MT, then when you get used to it, throw in some GPP exersises.


I second this, Muay Thai, or any intense sport is a training stimuli in and of itself. After you no longer see improvements, i.e. when Muay Thai doesn't get easier to recover from any more, then add other GPP. Do it slowly however.



These guys are right.

When you look at WSSB, you would notice that Joe purposely put only one leg day per week in the programme because you need the energy for skill training and specific energy system training for the sport. This principle does not only apply to footballer.

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