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hey, did anybody catch that wanna-be bodybuilder named luke on MTV?? he went to dr. nadler for calf implants, the shit was hillarious. just wondering if anyone caught it, and what they thought about it.

I caught some of that while I was channel surfing last night. What a pathetic looser.

Haha. That dude weighed all of 175. He needed to gain, oh, about 50 lbs before the thought about implants. Were those his legs or was he riding an ostrich? How bout that fat chick? she was friggin huge. My aunt had the same surgery and she has lost 200lbs. She was bigger than that woman and is down to 200. Dr. Nadler looked pretty tough. I bet he is the worlds strongest plastic surgeon.

MTV lowers my testosterone levels so I don’t watch it. They alienated me back when they stopped showing music videos. That is showing my age, but seriously, they used to play music on MTV. I think Lifetime has more testosterone than MTV. Is that Kurt Loder asshole still there? He should do the world a favor and kill himself. He is probably a big fan of al-quada.

the best thing about it was that after the operation…his calves were still non-existant!! and all the girls at that club thought he was wack. what a loser, lol.

BTW, has anyone see a picture of Monica Lewinsky lately. She must be 250 pounds plus. Even Clinton would bypass dropping his drawers in front of that load now…well, maybe not Clinton, or Hillary, but everybody else.

Luke was the biggest pencilneck roody poo piece of &*%#!! I hope he gets tormented for the rest of his life for that show. Also, every person on that show that got lipo didn’t say one thing about exercise or diet, yet they just couldn’t figure out why they were such fat slobs. they’d rather spend 2 grand or more on surgery. Ignorance and laziness like that makes me puke!

i didn’t watch it, but i just wanted to say that mtv sucks, it is the biggest piece of shit station on tv

Yes I saw that small haole boy on mtv last night. He said he pounded his calf hard for 5 years, yet only had a quarter on the seated calf routine. And his legs looked like sticks. Also the other fake haole girls who were getting like barbie dools made me laugh. Lucky I live on Kauai.