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MTV True Life


Well you know it had to come sometime. this thurs MTV is doing one of their True Life series on guys using steroids. from the promo it looks like these guys would get flamed by most of the members on this board but we shall see. i hope they at least include someone that has some sense. just thought you all would be interested.


Considering how bad MTV has gotten, I doubt it.


I'll probably watch it if I remember it. I agree the promo looked like a bunch of 190 lb pansies injecting to get huge biceps and pecs.


I saw the promo earlier today. One of the guys looks like he's never lifted a weight, and the other looks like your average gym goer. With the looks of these two guys, I'm gonna assume they don't shit, which definitely will lead to a negative connotation of the program.


I saw a preview when I was flipping through the channels after a workout. I'm guessing it's going to have a "steroids are bad and these guys are probably OCD" slant to it. The narrator said something about "how far will they go..." so it's most likely going to make steroid users look like shit. I can't wait to see some good shots of roid rage.




just saw another promo. one of the guys seems like he is gay (the obligatory "not that there is anything wrong with that") and he sayd he is scared while holding the needle. thats fine. whats amusing is how later in the promo he is walking away from some club and turns around and says to a friend of his "i'm about to roid rage on that guy". as mentioned before, this guy weighs maybe 175 and looks like he has never seen a weight room before. should make for some good laughs.


on the commercial one of those 'huge' 175lb guys said something about how he "changed from an average guy into a greek god".....

its on this thursday (12th), and I might just have to watch it...


time anyone?


10:00 PM


It's at 9 p.m. central time


I'm not in the defense of thes guys, but my friends brother was on room raiders (another MTV show) and he said things that made him look like a huge tool. He said they give you lines that you have to say. I'm hoping 'I'm about to roid rage on that guy' is one of them.


The second guy is 220 to 230 lbs, and from my understanding is trying to portray steroids in a positive light.


mm, what sucks is that if MTV wants you too look bad or look good, they just have to edit.


Yeah, very true. They can spin the show however they want, but we'll see tonight.


All that needle sticking and bullshit catch phrases like "roid rage", talk of how it's addicting, and then a tombstone with mom standing over it is a no brainer. This show will almost certainly discredit the anabolic communtiy and further demonize AAS while showing commercials for various prescription ant-depressants and sleep aids. Btw the one guy looked like he knew where the gym was at, curly haired guy in a wife beater. Every other guy looked like they had no business whatsoever using AAS and by that I obviously mean not idea on how to train, eat, or recover properly.

I saw that guy who made the roid rage comment. And just couldn't believe it! That would be like saying "I'm going to have a violent halucination for 10 hours!" After smoking a dippy (weed dipped in enbalming fluid) or doing some pcp. COMPLETE nonsense! And yes for the record that boy looked like he was sexually attracted to men.

We must all vow to spit in his face if we see him in public.


Yeah, you are right about the one guy... he seemed like a joke, but the curly haired guy I think is gonna defend anabolics... just my opinion, but we'll know in a few hours.


You have my word.


A six pack, an inch to your arms, impossible without steroids? Give me a fucking break, that guy is a joke and has no business even talking about steroids.


The curly-haired dude rocks.