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MTV True Life Thusday @ 10 PM


This weeks episode of True life will be about LW and HW Pro Strongman competitor Kevin Nee. This should be a good one, he is a young freak !




He is a great guy and is going to go far in the sport-I look forward to seeing this-another massachusetts freak!


I will have to watch this, sounds cool.


Here are the times

July 7 @10pm (premeire)
July 8 @10:30am / 6pm
July 9 @9am / 5pm
July 10 @4pm


I just watched it...what a beast! And the dude is my age, 19 years old.


Does anyone have it on their computer, I missed it and cant find the download.


Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:


I got to see most of it, that kid is very impressive. I kept looking to see Brad in it. I might be wrong but that house with the long drivway looks just like the one in Brad's training videos. Must be something in the water up in New England..


Good show! Congrats to Kevin on his accomplishment.

I saw Sully in the background!

Rebecca turned out pretty good in the end for the fitness contest.

But that damn Jockey needs to read T-Nation and gain some freakin' weight. He was sickly!


Yeah, I never thought I would see a dude who's dream body was 110 pounds. LOL!

And yes, Kevin is a bad man. That guy is built like a tank.


That was pretty cool. He's a big strong boy for sure. Was that Sully's 15 seconds of fame?


yeah I saw that, huge mother fucker for 19. Huge mother fucker period, actually.


More like two!!

Oh well, I'll watch the replays and it should add up to about 15 seconds! :wink:


Kevin is a beast. That was definitely the garage in Brad's thread that Kevin was training in during the Mass. segments.

And I would knock the bottom out of that Harvard broad.


Man, 7,000 calories/day. See THAT'S how to pack on mass. I'm a couple pounds shy of 200 (at 5'11") and after watching that, I feel smaller than I used to.

Cool segment.


Well I know from first hand experience that the kid is an animal. In the summer before my junior year in high school I got into a fistfight with Kevin during a Summer League basketball game. But don't worry I'm the only one that got a punch in. The kid can do 360's and windmills no problem.

Oh and by the way after I punched him I sprinted away like a little pussy because he would kill me.


that was fucking depressing lol.

I"m going to go kill a cow do squats with it's dead body then eat it now.


That is implied each and every time you post, so it is unnecessary to add it.



Man, I just had to watch that right when I'm about to start a cutting cycle...my bulking period just got extended indefinitely.