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MTV True Life: Perfect Body


So this true life crap is on MTV right now. And yea, I saw the "Summer Share" one with all the damn Italians, that is not how NJ is!! I got so pissed at that one.

But either way, they have one that is "In search of the perfect body". This damn Italian guy (he shames the rest of us) doesn't really seem to know his stuff too well, yet the bastard is huge. Very discouraging.

Anyone watch it?


Yeah I've seen it. I thought he seemed pretty disciplined and it looked like he trained hard. Why don't you think he knew his stuff?

Also, are you Irish or Italian? Your name implies Irish, but your comments indicate Italian...


Both Irish and Italian. But Irishmen never embarrass me like the guidos do....In actions I'm more like an Irishmen i'd say.

He did train like a mother, I posted this before I watched the end of the show. But there were a couple comments he made that made me wonder how brain cells this fella had left ("I would eat dog shit if my trainer told me too" ayyy).

But towards the end he did show more smarts, as when he was cutting before the contest. Now the true life is on where the fat fuckers are on, it makes the bodybuilder look like a champion now.

I give him credit, he breaks his ass and all that, then the fat folks come on and whine about how they tried everything and nothing works for them....its called DEDICATION damnit!!!!


Is it the one where he has his dad rub tanning cream on his shaved ass? If so, it was the gayest thing I've ever had the misfortune of seeing.


I saw those 3 episodses and as a resident of Nj I can tell you that shit like that does indeed go down at the shore but not to that extent under normal situations. However add an MTV camera crew and I have no doubt that shit would go that far. As for the bodybuilder he worked his ass off. Finally, for the obese people my only suggestion is for them to pray for anorexia.


His dad in fact shaved the ass to begin with. A little weird to want your dad to do this... a little weird for your dad to agree. I thought this is what girlfriends are for...


Girlfriends are here to shave our asses? Good gawd, have I been after the wrong thing!


Not only that, but if you're a high weight class powerlifter they're here to wipe your ass too. Occasionally they're good for sex and stuff, but the shaving and wiping take precedent.


That "body builder" guy is seriously lacking direction. He still lives at home? Oh yeah...and the whole dad-shaving-my-ass thing. I don't care how big, how cut, how strong you are, how dedicated you are....if your dad shaves your ass,you are a FUCKING LOSER!!!


There are a lot of muscleheads in Joisey in general I find.
Its OK though, the girls are hotter and actually normal. Not like the NYC chicks I grew up with and tried to pick up most of my life. All headcases with mental disorders...