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MTV True Life Im A Competitive Eater


anybody catch this?? Tsunami is JACKED.. WTF?!?!? I guess the secret is eating 22 lbs of carbs and fat in one sitting


400 or so bench, 400 or so squat, 600+ rack lockouts for reps, dips w/ lots of added weight and i got the impression he was training pretty often

pretty obvious he was eating LOTS pretty often

IMO kobayashi is the absolute best proof of G Flux and other princibles that have been brought up around here lately


Yeah I saw that, crazy stuff. I was really surprised by the physiques on all 3 of the profiled eaters.

Eating 22 pounds of food in a sitting is just insane. Imagine going from 180lbs. to 202lbs. just by eating dinner...


I wonder if these guys have any intestinal or other health issues?


that was some amazing stuff.......

i dont understand how he said he can 6 small meals at certain times.....

the pain in his stomach must be amazing when he cuts from having 22 pounds to having 3-400 calorie meals