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MTV Made: Powerlifting with Jonnie Jackson


Fun to watch



That was pretty cool.


I watched it. Only because there was an EFS shirt at the beginning though. It turned out to be pretty good. I don't get why they skipped the squatz though?

Impressive double bodyweight deadlift too. And only after 45 days or so.


It was probably a push/pull meet.


Ah, yes. I should have thought of that. Thanks


WTF?! I really wanna watch it now but 'cos for some reason I need to be in the states to watch it


He seems a lot less girly by the end of this. Pretty cool episode


He was trembling and getting all shaky voiced just thinking about going into the weightroom. Afterwards, he walked in like he belonged there, which he did.

That was good stuff.


For a beggining lifter he could have got like 275 I think in the deadlift. You see how easy he got 250? Most lifters dont have that coordination. I bet if he got stronger he could get 315 in no time and 405 after a good amount time lifting and eating.


kind of a cool episode...his deadlift was all back, his ass shot right up...But good for him. I hope that it changes his life for the better. I wonder how he's doing now.


That was EFS Sponsored lifter Josh Byrant


Yep, Josh is a great fellow.

This was my favorite made episode to date. He was afraid , but pushed through without the standard bitchy whinyness most show. He should be proud of himself.


I thought this was the best MADE episode they had. It was really cool to see how strong he got in just 45 days.


I would take a mans life to be coached by Josh Bryant or Johnnie Jackson.


Can't watch it from the UK :frowning:


Ditto from Canada. I checked MTV Canada, this episode isn't there.


Was anyone else impressed with how kind and intelligent Johnnie Jackson came off? I was just glad they didn't portray him as being a meathead and he didn't represent himself as one.


Agreed, he was a great representative of the weight culture. I've always followed the idea, if you put out the effort, I will never denigrate your lifting. You whine, slack off, and refuse to try to improve, you're fair game for abuse. I don't like my time wasted.

I'll help anyone who makes the effort.


Ditto. I was glad to see it was more than just "I'm going to speak in monosyllabic sentences and tell you what to do."


Yeah, Johnnie seems like a really nice guy. I think there was definitely a fine line to walk getting that kid comfortable but not destroying him socially.

What was Josh Bryant doing there? Is he a coach at the school or what?