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MTV Made: Powerlifter


OK, so I watched the MTV "Made: Bodybuilder" from the other thread.

Saw that there was a "Made: Powerlifting" with Johnny Jackson-- HAD to watch.


I unabashedly enjoyed the Powerlifting episode.

Let's face it-- some folks here could learn from this....



No thread views no comments, just showing you some love.


LOL! Dude-- No worries here. I have confidence because I listened to Johnny Jackson.

Give it a chance... Hell, at worst we might end up with pics of boobies.


Think the producers influenced the kid to act gayer than usual to make a better show?




Well, there ya go.


That was pretty cool. Glad the kid did so well. (Somewhat) Tall and lanky = Built for the deadlift :slight_smile:


Just trying to help you out.

That show was awesome btw, I wish they'd do more like that.


Old man support here.


No, he's gay. Not sure how he can act gayer.


Hey SteelyD - Thanks for the link. I enjoyed it too.



Agh I can't watch it, any idea about how to watch these shows when your in a different region?


I hate the fact I cannot watch due to being in Canada. I can't find it anywhere else not even on MTV Canada.