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MTV Made Bodybuilding


I'm sure a lot of you have seen the episode, but for those of you who haven't, here it is:


Do you guys think he could have progressed a lot more, at least with his bf%? From what I saw, it looks like he was following a low fat diet, which is cool if he was carb tolerant and it's a big improvement from Taco Bell. I'm no nutrition expert, but do you guys think he should have dropped some of his carbs? Especially if the contest was in 8 weeks.

I gotta give props to this kid though. Doing a complete 180 pretty much. His blonde friend is a cutie.

Best line of the episode though: "With all of the fiber in this oatmeal, you will be dropping it like it's hot."...I hope he meant body fat. haha


Hmmm... interesting. I just watched it all - Damn I suck.

I'm actually kind of surprised PP had the kid eating the things he did - With the sweet potatoes, etc. I definitely would have introduced to him to a much more anabolic-friendly diet. But really, who knows what kind of stuff we didn't see in the creation of the episode/8 weeks.

My take: He probably dropped everything with the BB lifestyle and is worse off now than he ever was before.

You can tell when someone actually wants to change, and I didn't see it. He's a foo-foo kind of guy.


for the opportunity he was given he didnt make the most of it.


I haven't finished it yet, but I am glad to see that his friends did not bother helping him keep his diet.


I just skimmed through the video. He was nowhere near competition level. But hey at least he lost some fat and gained a little mass, which did increase his confidence. Which is good. What really bugged me about this guy tough was his lack of 'hardcore' attitude tough. But then again he's still new into the iron game. Hope he continued that kind of lifestyle tough everybody has to start from somewhere.

Having said that have you guys noticed that his voice lacks 'depth'? Know what I'm sayin'? I'm afraid his voice reflects a bad estradiol/test ratio. Also the guy has a lot of girl 'friends' (aka. woman that are just friends, no fucky sucky). I had 2 friends that were that way, they both turned out to be gay. Nothing wrong with that tough. Just felt like sayin'.



Nah, I called gay from Scene 1 as well.


Here we go. I noticed that the kid seemed to be on the feminine side of his sexuality. Did MTV just jump start this dudes hustling fetish?

I believe it was HH that started a thread a couple of weeks ago about how our "straight liberties" (if you will) were being infringed upon by corporations funded by the Rockefeller family. Does anyone feel that this is an example of some of that propaganda?


Ava Cowen is in this episode. That's awesome. Someone actually made a post on here that she looked like a man.


I wish I could sign up for this. But because I can bench over 85 pounds, I think they won't let me.


Can't get it in my region. damnit!


I thought this episode overall was really sad. It reminds me of my brother who is the same way, minus the gay voice. It just comes from dads not being dads and moms being moms. I think some kids just don't get around enough manly men when they are young so they grow up to be flabby mommas boys.

I think the issue is that corporate america feeds off people like him and his taco bell fetish. No backbone, no will to change. I doubt this kid is still keeping up with the body building. If he is, that is a shock (judging by the gas prices at $4.71 for diesel, I bet it was filmed months ago.)

But if he stuck with it I bet his T levels would shoot up and he would see women as for fucking and not for friendships. I've heard that just dressing the part of a bad boy is enough to make your Testosterone think twice about sitting around doing nothing.


Lol got to love the ignorant masses who think bodybuilding is a couple days a week at the gym + steroids. I wouldve torn this chubby idiot a new one.


Glad to see that we can get some intelligent discussion going here...


You don't deserve it you filthy Canadian....


I cried from laughing


The show was a disgrace.
The kid is a wuss and has no self respect or confidence.

Ava Cowan was hot as fuck.

The kid obviously does not want it otherwise he would be more determined.
His workouts are forced. He has no motivation.

He also have a vagina a I believe.
Nope they couldn't pick a normal guy could they.


8 weeks to compete??? what a joke

give him 2 years to lose all that weight first


I hate sissy men like that, they make me sick.


lol dude it's GAL.

I come here to NOT think.


I'm about halfway through the episode and never did see his Dad.