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MTV Made: Bodybuilder


I normally hate all "MTV Made" episodes because all they have is unmotivaed fat fucks that cries and bitch about things being "too hard" when theyre bascially being handed a second chance. They all piss me....except this one. Holy fuck,I love this episode. Watch,and you'll laugh,cry and maybe...even fall in love.



MTV Made: Powerlifter was even better...they had Johnnie Jackson as the coach, and Josh Bryant made a few guest appearances.


THe thing about it though,I thought maybe the title was misleading? It shoudl ahve been "Fitness or Figure Competitor" Still,that trainer was hot and Kylee was so damn adorable. That voice,that size,everything.


No way am I gonna watch the whole thing, but I would drag my dick through a mile of broken glass just to get close enough to her ass to hold in one of her farts like a bong hit.

From what I saw in my cursory glance, though, she trained like a bitch and her only noticeable improvement was a pre-contest tan.

Still... would smash.


Yeah, cuz Fitness/Figure girls aren't bodybuilders.

She's adorable though


Tiny voice, big boobs.


I would drink a gallon of her pee just to see where it came from.

Regarding the power lifter: Great job actually!
I couldn't pull close to 250 after 7 weeks of training. And remember this kid is only about a buck 20, not even enough to call it "body weight"...

Then again, I also didn't have the worlds 2nd strongest bodybuilder as a coach...


I like how she won that silver statue and all teh other girls were pissed off at her,lmao.


Damn, I cannot watch.


I'm watching that powerlifting one with the skinny kid. Man, I feel bad for that kid. We make fun of people on here a lot but man, he needed a good friend that wasnt a female.


Haha great visuals guys.

I'm not a big fan of the squeaky, cute voice but her personality does grow on you. Waiting to watch the full episode when I get home.


This is what you yurups be missing.




Here's what I could dig up for you......



At first I didnt think her boobs were so big..thats until I realizse that shes only 5 feet. C cups on a girl that short do look pretty big.


That chick in the back looks freakin mad,lol.


^Is that Cher's equally ugly twin being a poor sport?


her voice was annoying as shit


Hungry always gets the best pics. Period.