MTR Matrix For Bench?

Is anyone familiar with the MTR Matrix used by olympic lifters? If not, you can Google it. How do you all think this would work for bench? good idea? bad idea? Thanks for any feedback, its really appreciated.

To check we’re on the same page: this is where you work up to a max effort for that day and then perform doubles and triples at set %'s of this right?

If so, I used this for the bench last year in place of regular ME work. It works, although I found it a lot of volume at such high intensities.

Westside have many ME methods they use, some of which bear similiarities to this - check out the ‘bulgarian wave’ at, and also ‘the triumvirate’ article. These are different to the above, but along similar lines.

CT has written an article on here on Bulgarian methods, and argued that they worked as well or better with the powerlifts.