mTOR Training for Biceps

The burn is intense, but it sure does work for triggering new muscle growth. Take a look.

mTOR is a kinase enzyme that regulates the growth of muscle. Basically, mTOR is the “master regulator” of muscle cell protein synthesis, and you can boost it.

With mTOR sets, the key is how you perform each rep. Accentuating the eccentric (negative) and loaded stretching are the contraction types that increase mTor activation the most.

So with this method you’ll…

  1. Lower the weight over a 5-second count while tensing/flexing the target muscle as hard as possible at all times.
  2. Hold the full stretch position for 2 seconds per rep.
  3. Do 6-8 reps like this, and on the last rep hold the stretch position for as long as you can tolerate.

Do one set of this special technique/method per workout.