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mTOR techniques


Hi Christian,

I’m unisng this technique in a high frequency template.

First set = mTor reps rest/pause to failure (3 mini-sets per set… mTor to failure/rest 10 sec/mTor reps to failure/10 sec rest/mTor reps to failure)

Second set = mTor reps to failure/10 sec rest/mTor reps to failure/10 sec rest/regular reps to failure

Third set = regular reps to failure/10 sec rest/slow top half partials to failure/10 sec rest/slow bottom half reps to failure

I’m using it at the end of the workout or the last exercise of the muscle group selected (isolation exercise) I’ve noticed rapid results with it, specially using all your estrategies with RP techniques.

I tried to use some mTOR sets before the strength portion (now I’m usaimg ladder waves) but I lose efectivness in such portion.

But I really love at the end of hypertrophy portion.

Do you have more techniques with mTOR style?

I just added some micro PA. I wish to see what happen mixing RP, mTOR and EQI’s


Well you are doing the right thing by putting them at the end, as you noticed. Doing them before the strength work will make you a lot less efficient doing the heavier work.

Furthermore the strength work potentiates the nervous system which helps you recruit the fast twitch fibers earlier in the mTOR sets, which makes them more effective.

As for method, well any type of rest/pause technique will work… you simply have to do the rest mTOR style. Any of these methods will work: https://www.t-nation.com/training/forced-growth-a-new-way-to-build-muscle