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MTOR Signaling


I'm hoping for some insight from one of Biotest's biochemists on an mTOR signaling issue.

Leucine stimulates protein synthesis through the mTOR pathway. So Leucine is good for muscle hypertrophy.

On the other hand, Curcumin inhibits cancer cells due to an inhibitory effect on mTORC1 signaling. This leads me to believe that Curcumin is "bad" for muscle hypertrophy.

Am I correct?


I believe you are right. Curcumin inhibits mTORC1 so when curcumin is present the mTOR-Raptor C-terminal interaction is strengthened, so you don't get the kinase function of mTOR that you would otherwise usually see. I wonder if leucine, which seems to play a larger role in the mTOR pathway than curcumin does, would simply override curcumins presence?


And would leucine then be carcinogenic? just spit ballin' here. i take the stuff afterall.


no. cancer wont occur by activating mTOR unless one of the regulatory pathways within the mTOR pathway is impaired


I'm bumping this old thread to ask if anyone has some more information about the interaction between curcumin and mTOR.

There's only one other thread I found using the search function about this topic that is directly on point: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_supplements/curcumin_good_or_bad

The study that posited a negative interaction between curcumin and mTOR can be found here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19176385

I'm curious to learn if anyone knows what amount of daily curcumin intake would negatively affect the mTOR signaling pathway, thus inhibiting muscle growth, or if any other new information about this relationship has come to light.

Finally, could taking curcumin several hours either pre or post workout help to mitigate any harmful effects on mTOR?

Thanks in advance.


very interesting. of course muscle can be build with out the MTOR pathway being optimal, although certainly not optimally


I am not argueing at all with the fact that curcumin maybe inhibit mtor but i used to take roughly 10-15 pills of turmeric and turmeric extract for 2 years straight (yes my blood was always thin) besides the fact i felt great which is irrelevant .. i still got big as fuck.. same as if i didnt take that large amount.. turmeric (most likely curcumin as well) also increases insulin sensitivity which could possibly help.. since i always felt fuller when i started to take..


forgot to say .. i did not take it because i thought it would get me "big" or anything.. i took it for its extremely powerful painkilling effects at such a large dosage...


how many mg of curcumin was that?

I've taken upwards of 2g/day and felt fine... though one time I took 2g at once and stomach did not feel so hot.