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MTor 'Booster Shots' at Night

CT, inspired by your latest info on the matter in the micro PA forum, I was wondering if it would be beneficial to add in some mTor stimulating training at night when I get home from work. Adding in a second gym session isnt really feasable, but perhaps these might be worth while?

Something like this:

AM - Bench based workout
PM - 3-5 sets of Slow negative push ups with hard squeeze


AM - Squat based workout
PM - 3-5 sets of slow negative lunges

Obviously these are not anywhere near the realm of High Threshold work, and the load is low… But perhaps they might eek out a little bit recover/results? Or would it be better to keep these in the workout the next day as active rest during the main sets for a dif body part?

Actually it would be beneficial especially if done at least 6 hours after a main workout.

The second mTor activation would extend and amplify protein synthesis in the muscles trained earlier and would thus increase recovery and growth from your training.

The key though if using body weight-only exercises is that they must still represent a physical challenge. The superslow eccentrics are important to maximize mTor activation while using a “low load” movement. But I would also recommend not going all the way to lockout and never pausing at any point during the movement. Ideally you wouldn’t be able to complete more than 10 reps.

What would be the second mTor workout consist of if you had access to weights? Would it be something like a ramp to 80% and then 5x3? So for instance, in the morning I would do my full workout (I am doing the layers right now) for squat. Then in the evening ramp to 80% of the day’s 1rm in 3 - 5 sets then do 5 x 3 then go eat dinner?