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MTor Activation Exercise Substitutions For BDW?

Hi CT,

I’m finding it difficult to apply your mTor activation technique to some exercises in the Best Damn Workout program.

Specifically, I’m having problems with the lat movement (dumbbell pullover or cable pullover) and the seated cable row.

For the former, I’m having problems engaging the lats and the very slow negative gives me a funny feeling in my triceps, making it hard to stay focused and to bring my set to failure. The cable version isn’t any better because I can barely feel any tension in my lats in the stretched position.

Also I’m having difficulties feeling the stretch in my back muscles with the cable row.

Any advice for this issue?

Also, I’m looking for a delt exercise to apply the mTor technique to, like the incline front raise, but side-delt focused. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

For the seated row, leaning far forward, tucking your head bet your shoulders. You should feel a huge lat stretch, especially if using a rope when rowing.

For medial delt, mtor works well with incline bench lateral raise

thank you.

have any suggestions as far as how to make the mtor lat exercise (i.e. dumbbell/cable pullover) work?

are there any equivalent exercises that should be able to get me a good lat stretch without too much contribution by the triceps or other muscles?

I never was big on db pullovers due to elbow positioning. I suggest trying with an EZ bar. Work your way slowly into the deep stretch.
For rope pullovers, again, stand far from the cable upright, lean far forward, head between shoulders/arms (arms as straight as possible) and slowly raise trunk as you pull, finishing with hands on either side of your hip.

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I like the J Rope Pull

1-arm lean away pull downs.(you sit sideways). Thib pulls?

Yup, I remember reading about this exercise but it couldn’t come to my mind until I read your post. Will make sure to try it out during today’s session

I was thinking about this too. While it sounds right in theory, I can’t seem to understand how the Incline position would put the middle delt under stretch. It looks like as if the anterior delt is actually the one being stretched!

I’m not challenging what you said—had I been asked the question I asked in the OP, I would have answered Incline bench lateral raise too.

But at the same time, it sounds logical that since the front delt flexes the shoulder and the Incline bench position makes it go into extension in the bottom position, it would have little to do with the middle delt.
Maybe I’m just thinking about the wrong position and the exercise is actually performed differently than I have it in mind?

Care to explain?

I might be totally wrong, but ever since I started doing the best damn program I somewhat started to believe that unilateral movements don’t mix well with this program.

Since it’s based on very low volume and preventing fatigue accumulation, having to do two sets to get the effects of one might not be a good idea.

I might be wrong but I believe that doing both sets of a unilateral exercise would lead to a greater cortisol response, as well as greater CNS fatigue, than doing one set of a bilateral movement. Would love to hear Chris’s thought on this though