MTA Strike

Is anyone else geting screwed by these sh!t bag strikers in NYC? I wish Mayor Mike would fire them all.

Yes, I am. I live uptown (80s) and I work way downtown (near the Seaport).

I cannot believe the audacity of a group of people who make more than the cops, fireman, teachers (48-55K BEFORE OVERTIME for christ’s sake) yet still want their retirement age LOWERED to 50 years old. My parents are both older than that, and neither one of them could afford to retire, along with any other people that age that I know.

Not to mention that all of the compromises they are being asked to make are realted to NEW employees that haven’t even been hired yet! All they are asking for is an increased contribution for 10 years into the pension plan along with using 1% of their salary to help defray medical insurance costs (they currently pay NOTHING). I checked, and I am paying 2.4 percent of my salary towards healthcare, not including co-pays, prescriptions, etc… and I am not paying for family coverage. Plus I don’t know anyone who gets a pension plan, we all pay into our own 401(k).

I have less than no sympathy for the rudest public servants in NYC who illegally walk off the job and then expect me to understand. Screw them. I hope Mayor Mike and Pataki find a way to ruin the union and it’s members the same way they have tried to ruin the economy of New York City. Small Businesses all around are in serious trouble the week before christmas and these people are griping that they don’t want to pay for anything.

Welcome to the 21st Century.

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