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MSNBC Nutritional Advice


“Men’s Journal magazine’s Steve Santagati was invited on ‘Today’ to share his tips on what to snack on when working out.”

Among the recommendations, depending on when you’re eating and for what purpose:

Beer, Sour Patch Kids, Pringles, Bacon, Brownies.

Speaking as a guy that is 21, lifts Friday nights and then goes out with his buddies, let me tell you how awesome Beer is PWO. I’m pretty much fhitsaced after a pint. And that is while eating a whole plate of Alamo Nachos(bad thought, on V-Diet).

Just .02…

Alcohol has been shown in some research to contribute to workout-induced muscle “damage” (microtrauma as assessed by enzymes like CK in the blood) - even when consumed the night prior to the workout.

The data is mixed but caution is still advisable.