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MsMiranda's Beginnings


Hi all! So, I'm brand new to this forum. My husband has been visiting this site for a few months now as he started lifting seriously just before Christmas last year. He told me to check it out because you guys are full of great advice and useful information!

So, here's the deal. I'm 25, 5'3" and approx. 145 lbs. I've been trying for the past 5-6 years to lose the same 20-25 lbs. From Weight Watchers to running, I've tried it all but never stuck with anything long enough to see my past 10 lbs. The lowest I've ever been is 132 lbs ... and I still wasn't happy. And that was 132 without muscle definition or any muscle to speak of (I was only running at the time, not other training).

I've signed up at my local gym and now have a trainer that will see me every 2 weeks. She gave me my program last night. I told her my goal was weight loss and muscle definition/tone. This is what the program looks like (and bare with me, I'm doing this from memory as the program is at the gym, not with me):

5 min cardio on elliptical with resistance
2 x 15 reps squat with exercise ball against a wall (no weights, just me)
2 x 15 reps hamstring curl (lying on the floor with the pelvis raised, feet on an exercise ball, roll the ball to my bum and back)
60-second rest between first 15 squat/15 hamstring and second set.

10 min cardio on elliptical with resistance

2 x 20 pull-up and step w/8 lbs (step up with one leg, followed by the second and raise arms all the way up with weights, bring down as I step down to repeat with the other leg)
2 x 20 plank rows (plank with 8 lb weights, light one arm at a time in a row maintaining plank position).
60-second rest like first one

10 min cardio on elliptical with resistance

2 x 12 front standing rows (close-grip on barbell with 20 lbs, raise arms up with elbows out like wings, in a standing position)
2 x 20 bicep curls standing with 8 lbs
60 second rest like others

2 x 12 push-ups (starting with girlie but will change to real as soon as I can!)
2 x 12 dips (just body weight)
60-second rest like others

10 min cardio on elliptical with resistance

2 x 15 curls on an exercise ball
2 x 15 medicine ball exercise (sorry I don't remember the name ... but I squat down holding the ball between my legs until it touches the ground then lift up stretching my body up with the ball eventually held over my head with my arms straight, then I repeat the movement).

5 min cardio on elliptical with resistance

And that's it for the first 2 weeks ... I have to track my progress and my trainer will adjust my program for me accordingly in a few weeks ... I'm quite a novice to the workout world, despite trying so many things in the past (power yoga, pilates, spinning, random workout routines, etc.).

My main and ultimate goal is to lose weight. Muscle definition is a far second.
I am also seeing a nutritionist on Thursday evening. I know I have to improve in that area as well ... I'm a vegetarian (though I eat eggs and fish) so I know I'm not getting nearly enough protein. I'll keep you all posted on what the nutritionist has to say. The way this gym works, they wait till you've seen a trainer so the nutritionist knows what workout you're doing and can assess your diet based on that ...

Looking forward to logging my workout diary on the forum! :slightly_smiling:

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Good luck Miranda, hope everything works out for you and welcome to the site … Hope you stick to this longer than your other endeavors :slight_smile:


Welcome and good luck. There is no shortage of advice on this site (articles and from members). Much of it is good (articles by experienced trainers and coaches), much of it is crap (junior members with little real experience that like to see their words on the page) but stick with it and you will figure out which is which.

The program given to you by the “trainer” is pretty typical of commercial gyms. I don’t want to pick it apart at this point (as much as I would love to). The important thing at the early stage is to be consistent. Make it your mission to get to the gym on schedule and don’t bail if you don’t feel like it or something comes up. It needs to become a habit. If you are consistent, train with some intensity, train smart (once you get oriented we can upgrade your program) and eat right there is no doubt that it will work.

Also, I would ignore the scale. It will lie to you. As you lose fat you will gain muscle (which weighs more than fat). The scale number may not move downward as much as you think it should but your body will be leaner. The mirror and measurements with a tape are a better guide. Don’t be afraid of some muscle definition …it’s sexy :slight_smile:


Welcome, Miranda! I’ll look forward to following your training.